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Rampersad: No placard protests from LiTTscapes

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Rampersad: No placard protests from 

LiTTscapes group moves to save buildings, heritage
Sunday, September 23, 2012
LiTTscapes (Landscapes of Fiction) author Dr Kris Rampersad says the inauguration of LiTTours is intended to generate awareness among residents and stakeholders to protect the Sangre Grande and Mayaro post offices. On September 15, historian Michael Anthony had made an urgent plea for the relevant authorities to act swiftly to save the old Mayaro Post Office from complete collapse. He had made the call as a special guest of Rampersad at Knowsley House, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain.

Interviewed on Friday, Rampersad said, “We are promoting LiTTtours. It is inspired by LiTTscapes. We want to bring the writings about T&T closer home to readers. We are awakening communities to the writers among them while at the same time encouraging appreciation for the landscapes, culture and the heroes among them. It is also encouraging appreciation for the natural, cultural and built heritage.”

She explained the LiTTtours first stop will be at Sangre Grande to highlight the state of  the Sangre Grande Post Office and then to the former Mayaro Post Office. “Sangre Grande Post Office is represented in LiTTscapes as a prized literary house. The  Mayaro Post Office is a historical building of note. It was recognised in LiTTscapes since it was the setting for many of Michael Anthony’s short stories and novels.” 

Rampersad stressed they were engaging in “non-confrontational protest.” The focus was on evoking community sentiment to take responsibility for the buildings and heritage. “We want the young people from the areas to capture the heritage value and significance. We are raising public awareness. We want to empower people at Mayaro and Sangre Grande to take charge. It is not about placards.

We feel confrontational protest action can be distracting and disruptive. Our aim is constructive community development and rural regeneration. We are bent on revitalising districts and communities with all community stakeholders taking an active part.” Rampersad said the ultimate aim was creating a more literate society and acting as a conduit for engaging administrators, politicians, NGOs and the business sector.

• Sangre Grande to Mayaro September 29
Leaves Port-of-Spain at 8 am.
It passes through the East-West Corridor.  
Tailor-made tours on themes like politics and places on request.
Interested people e-mail
Readings and short presentations on the communities would be featured.

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